12 Reasons To Try eva Instead of Snapchat

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Snapchat: the $3 billion business that’s got the whole world whipped up in a frenzy.

Released in 2011, Snapchat stormed the social media scene with its simple mechanism for online interaction: you take a photo, send it to a friend, they see it for a few seconds, it disappears.

Inspired by a real life problem, namely one of its creators sending a photo he wished he hadn’t, Snapchat soon became an Orange County high school fad before it caught on across the world among the millennial app generation. The concept was so perfect that by 2012 everyone was wondering what the little ghost app was.

Today, the originators of Snapchat are at legal loggerheads over who started what, and thusly, who owns that sweet Venice Beach headquarters. Meanwhile the app continues to grow with over 50 million domestic downloads and huge corporate brands like Topshop, Vogue and McDonalds making Snapchat an essential must-do within their latest global marketing campaigns.

If You Don’t Get Snapchat, You’re Not Alone

But it’s not all as peachy you may think, and indeed, not everyone is a fan. Snapchat’s active users are more than eclipsed by those using Instagram or Twitter, and for good reason. What reason, you may ask? Read on below to find out why people are dodging Snapchat…

1. It’s an interruptive medium

Snapchat’s notification system makes it easy for you to close the app and open again every single second of the day. Damn, that’s a good engagement loop but a huge distraction!

2. It kills your braincells

Snapchat doesn’t encourage creativity like eva; taking selfies and using silly filters and captions actually decreases your mental capacity significantly.

3. It deletes your stuff!

And yeah sure that’s innovative, but what about if want to keep my stuff, huh? Huh?

4. It encourages weird behaviour

The fact that photos disappear leads users to be frankly a little crazier than perhaps they should be…

5. It’s a cover for a facial recognition database

If you believe it, Snapchat’s filters are actually part of a covert plot to collect facial recognition statistics on its millions of users.

6. It’s built on a lie

Nothing is ever truly private or permanently erased, let’s be honest, and Snapchat’s servers have been rumoured to be able to recover every snap ever sent.

7. You can only type so much

Worse than Twitter, Snapchat only has a finite amount of characters in its captions which is so annoyi

8. Celebrities be ignoring your snaps

Tonnes of celebs from Ellen to Kim K and Chris Pratt use Snapchat, but good luck trying to engage with them. It’s more of a one-sided, being-advertised-at relationship than on Twitter.

9. It’s Kind of Pointless

Whenever people ask me if they should get Snapchat and why, I can never think of how to explain its value.

10. It’s racist

Black users have commented that the facial recognition part of the app will not work for their skin tone.

11. It’s vulnerable to hackers

Good hackers have pointed out that Snapchat has yet to secure its users info from bad hackers. Not so long ago, an anonymous hacker matched the usernames of 4.6 million users to their phone numbers, then shared the data online. Not good.

12. It makes no money

Snapchat’s rapid growth has made it hard to balance costs with revenue. Fair, but maybe don’t get too attached to Snapchat when its revenue is through the floor.