4 things that are harder than swiping through videos

With Instagram and Vine both recently introducing auto-play, the two tech giants are finally catching up with eva in realising that viewers want a more relaxed viewing experience (we’ve had auto-play since we launched in 2015!)

What’s harder than swiping through video?

We love our eva channels – just open them up and the content starts playing. No need to swipe! While scrolling and swiping videos are hard, we’ve come up with a list of modern problems that are slightly harder… check out these 4 things that are harder than swiping through videos, and let us know your own ideas in the comments!

swiping through videos

Choosing the right emoji when talking to your crush

Alright, just wrapping up an amazing text to my crush… now just gotta get the emoji right. Should I add a winky face or blow a kiss? Or is that coming on too strong? Maybe just a thumbs up then… ok, that’s definitely not sexy enough. Smiley face? Unicorn? Cute poo? Too many choices!

Figuring out what you want to watch on Netflix

So you’re all ready for a night on the couch – spicy takeaway: check. Beer: double check. Now all you have to do is choose what you’re going to watch… you’re not in the mood for an action flick, but you definitely don’t feel like watching a comedy either. You know you should start the new season of House of Cards, but do you really want to commit to 13 episodes right now… Hmmm…

Getting the barista to spell your name right at Starbucks

Anyone with an out of the ordinary name will appreciate this one: you place your order for a delicious caramel Frappuccino with one name at one end of the counter, and by the time the creamy beverage is ready at the other end your name has been transformed into something unrecognisable. How does Jovana become ‘Love-ina’ anyway?!

Carrying headphones in your pocket without them getting tangled

If you can pull this off, you are definitely skilled. A classic challenge that every music lover has faced at some point – how do you transport your headphones without them getting tangled in your pocket/purse/gym bag. Yea, you could just wind them up – but who really has time for that?

Are we missing anything? Let us know in the comments section below!