5 Reasons Kanye West should be using eva

As equally known for his twitter rants as for his hit albums, Kanye West has recently stolen headlines again with a barrage of tweets ranging from T-Swift to personal debt. But while Yeezy currently seems happy with his 140-character limit, we think that he would be much better suited for eva. Don’t believe us? We’ve got 5 solid reasons why the world’s biggest rapper belongs on the world’s best video social network.

Kanye West

Kanye West knows how to interrupt the social media scene

Kanye West, like eva, knows how to create a disruption. Like Kanye, here at eva we often feel like we’re hopping up on stage to grab the mic from the older social media machines. Recording time limits? Uh uh. Character restrictions? No thanks. I’mma let you finish Twitter, but we think that unlimited recording is much more exciting…

He doesn’t hide behind a social media persona

Kanye West isn’t afraid to shed a PR-constructed social media persona and share EXACTLY what he’s thinking on Twitter. But why not take that one step further? Creating videos with eva is even easier than trying to fit a few sentences into a tweet. And if the rapper decides that he wants to filter this thoughts? Well, we happen to have loads of colour filters he can choose from…

Yeezus recognizes the power of social media

This one’s pretty obvious. While almost all celebrities have a presence on social media, Kanye West is one of the few who knows how to properly create a buzz. Love him or hate him – anyone who has logged onto Twitter, scrolled through their homepage, or picked up a newspaper is probably aware of Kanye’s recent outpouring – and through this, they also probably know he has an album coming out as well… clever.

eva can reveal behind-the-scenes moments on The Life of Pablo

Speaking of the new album, eva would be the perfect platform to show off some of the behind-the-scenes moments as Kanye takes his new album on the road. Imagine a Yeezy channel – where eva users could tune in to see Kanye sound off on his latest ideas, shoot video from his world tour, or maybe give a sneak-peek into his next line of clothing.

The greatest living rock star on the planet meets the greatest video social network on Earth

Can you imagine anything more perfect?