what is anchoring

We play a dangerous, but rather fun, game at eva. We force ourselves to never anchor. Anchoring is when you become emotionally attached to ideas that are not the best way of achieving a task. Take for example the keyboard I am writing this post on. It is different to the keyboards in France or others around the world, and it is not the optimal way of laying out a keyboard. However, as a population, we have anchored to it, and changing it now would lead to mass consternation.

Never anchoring means always asking questions like: is this the best way of doing this? Do users prefer this way? Will this way be addictive? Is this as simple as it could be? Is this as beautiful as it could be? Never anchoring means constantly striving for product and design perfection.

When we hired We are experience, they were literally the only user experience agency we came across that truly internalised the importance of never anchoring. They were able to work at the pace we worked at. They seamlessly fitted into our lean approach in a way that no other agency could have come close to. They are smart, hard working and most importantly, incredibly nice guys who are really easy going. As part of eva’s marketing program, I will be presenting at the figaro digital marketing conference. I’ll be talking about the models of behaviour that are needed to create a rapid design and prototyping process. The team at We are experience have created the video below, which helps to demonstrate a small part of what we will be jointly presenting, as well as showing how a great team can achieve incredible things in an impossibly short timeframe.

However, I caution viewers, that what you see is not what you get. The source content for this video was taken weeks ago, and true to never anchoring, the actual eva product has moved on a lot since this was shot. Afterall, a week for eva is a year for most other companies. Whilst lots has changed, the most important thing has remained the same: our unrelenting desire to create a simple, beautiful and addictive product that can attract millions of monthly active users.

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eva application – We are experience promotion reel from evaapplication on Vimeo.