And the award goes to…

As the 2016 awards season wraps up – and Leo finally walks away with his first Oscar! – we thought we should hand out our own awards for the best moments on eva in the past year. Check these out!

Winner takes all: the award for best video rivalry on eva

@Matt_Trayler and @Nakul threw down the gauntlet and let their stomachs do the fighting when they competed in a food challenge last autumn. On the table: 2 large pizzas, garlic bread, chicken wings and 10 mini doughnuts to top it off. While @Nakul came out on top finishing his challenge in 1 minute and 8 seconds, @Matt_Trayler put up a good fight as well – only finishing 5 minutes after the champion.

An eva for everything: the award for most varied eva videos

From confessions, to kale, to colours of the season, @Dianouch has created videos on every topic. Filming anywhere from her kitchen to London Fashion Week, @Dianouch is always ready to share her thoughts on eva while simultaneously making some incredible and touching videos.

Inspiring and styling: the award for best eva beauty tips

We ummed and ahhed, but this award couldn’t possibly go to just one person! @Laurrlethbridgehall and @Chrissie-B have become household names on eva – and if you haven’t seen their tips and tricks you’re definitely missing out! You can now find all of their videos in the Fashion channel on eva – so make sure to check out them out when you’re next looking for some beauty advice.

Leaving us hungry for more: the award for most delicious #evaChef videos

So you get home after work, open your fridge… and then what? If you’re looking for a bit of mouth-watering inspiration you need to check out @Khabnguyen on eva! Best known from his time on Australia’s Masterchef, this gent definitely knows his way around the kitchen. Roast pork loin, pannacotta, or char-grilled steaks – every video @Khabnguyen produces is sure to get your stomach rumbling!

Music to our ears: the eva award for up-and-coming artist

There are loads of great musicians on eva (shoutout to @Charlotte!) but in the end we had to choose just one: Lorenza aka The Band! @Cosmo, @Gio_, and @jrdrums have an incredible sound that is catapulting them towards stardom. Be sure to check out all their behind-the-scenes videos on The Band channel on eva!

Did we miss any award-winning moments? Make a video on eva or let us know in the comments below!