Drift; creators of beautiful video

As a video sharing platform, eva must be able to film the very best video possible. For us to be able to do that, it means we need the best cameras in the market as possible. eva has linked up with a company called Drift Innovation. Drift is a leading action sports technology company specialising in the capture and sharing of digital imagery across all platforms. They manufacture quality cameras and accessories, inspiring action sports enthusiasts and like minded individuals to document their experiences, capture the emotion and share their vision. Drift pride themselves on how well they can document action sports but what we found with Drift is that they didn’t just help film action sports, they were perfect at filming everyday life too. We’ve found that they are fantastic at documenting all the small details that happen when driving to work or walking into town. Drift’s mission is to ensure that the unique product features found on their cameras and accessories, enhance the user experience by simplifying the process of capturing, editing & sharing key moments of their lives.

We linked up with Drift because we knew that they would be able to help us obtain the very best, high quality footage. As a rule at eva, we only put out the very best content and for us to do that we need to use the most professional equipment we can find. Drifts ease of use and high quality footage is unparalleled.

We currently use the Ghost-S the most. The camera has helped us build up brilliant footage that we then edit to create brilliant content for our social media platforms. We used the camera to film our very popular series of Ref-Cam videos. We are currently in the process of using the cameras for a secret project that we are doing.


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Wil Madden
Content Executive at eva

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