Blogger In The Frow Snapchats Wedding but Loses all the Footage!

In the frow

So we all know how Snapchat works by now, right? You take a picture or a video, select friends in your contacts list to send it to and then it disappears after 7 seconds. Sure, you can add it to your story for every contact to see but even then it’s only there for 24 hours.

What if it could be there for longer? How about permanently?

eva lets you take videos that are stitched together in your own personal feed forever! You can take tonnes of footage and keep adding it to your feed to create a never-ending story. The result? An awesome ongoing video diary of your most hilarious, insightful and treasured moments.

Fashion blogger In The Frow Snapchats her friend’s beautiful wedding

So when Victoria Magrath, the British fashion and lifestyle blogger behind In The Frow, caught her best friend Rebecca’s wedding on her Snapchat, she couldn’t expect the bride herself to see that special footage. Sad face.

The wedding took place in the beautiful Manchester countryside and the bride wore a Charlotte Balbier dress that was so gorgeous.

Unfortunately, we can’t track down that footage anymore to share with you. Even more disappointingly, Rebecca can’t see it either!

Should ‘In The Frow’ Blogger Victoria have used eva instead?

With eva you can capture every moment of your special day and watch the scenes back afterwards on the easy-to-use app. Tag your wedding videos with a special hashtag like #RebeccasWedding and ask others to add tagged footage too. Then you can search #RebeccasWedding and watch your wedding from every angle and any perspective! Good, right?

And we don’t just do weddings! eva allows you to record every second of your day and share it with other users. Whether you’re testing out matte lipsticks like ‘In The Frow’, partying with friends or about to skydive for the first time, add it to your eva feed. All videos are stored in your online account without using up your phone’s storage.

So let’s think about this again, ‘In the Frow’ – eva or Snapchat? We think we know which one wins this round.