Review on Bounce – “The Home of Ping Pong”

“What can I say…? There’re balls flying everywhere!”

That’s what one person said when we asked them what they thought of Bounce – “The Home of Ping Pong”. Nowhere else could a bar-come restaurant-come sports hall combine to provide the perfect night out. You’ve got your cocktails and everyone loves to have a go at the Ping-Pong. It’s a fun sport that we don’t take too seriously in the UK, so it allows people of all abilities to grab a paddle and (attempt to) hit some balls. If, like with our group, you just rock up and put your name down for a table, you while a way the time drinking and chatting, so that when it came to our half hour slot we were all feeling a little sozzled…but that just added to the fun and extremity of some of our shots!

Bounce is located just off Holborn Circus, with a discreet double door entrance. As you go down the stairs, first impressions are it’s very dark, and very loud. But that’s just the sound of people having a good time and you’re soon swept up in the craziness of it all. Everyone, customers and staff, are really friendly and no one gets angry as stray balls hit them – it’s all part of the entertainment.

We gave Bounce a rating in the following categories:

Atmosphere: 4/5
Value: 3/5
Activity: 4/5