eva is a great way to capture special first moments!

We absolutely love this cute video of a young girl’s first rollercoaster ride – and it reminds us just how great eva can be at capturing first moments with your kids!

From the initial stages of excitement, to the Oh-My-God-What-Have-I-Done fear that creeps into her eyes as the car descends the track, this video is a great example of how video can capture a great moment and save it forever!

eva is perfect for this: just pull out your phone, load up eva, and you can start recording amazing videos wherever you are. Maybe you don’t want to share these videos with everyone (though why you wouldn’t want to share something this cute is beyond us!) – but you can still create a private account and save your videos on eva anyway! And even if you’re running low on memory, all of your videos are saved safely and securely on eva – not clogging up the memory on your phone!

So when you’re next heading out with your children to the fairground, park, or birthday party – make sure to take eva as well!