Check Out The Outrageous Kylie Jenner Glosses Video

kylie jenner glosses

Have you seen the Kylie Jenner Glosses Video and its Brood of Parodies?

Did you see Kylie Jenner’s excessive vid advertising her brand new lip gloss line this year? With 8,675,350 views on YouTube so far, it’s surely one of the hottest product launches we’ve seen from 2016, selling out in stores everywhere!

Kylie and her hood sistas – serving Bratz realness – rob a guy in some shack in the desert and make off with the money looking fine as hell. I mean, the queen of Instagram always looks baked for the gods but this is some next level make up-ery.

Spurning press releases and traditional marketing methods, the queen of Instagram dropped her sort-of-music-video on YouTube and tweeted to her 15.7M Twitter followers:


When no one knew what she was getting at, Jenner confirmed on Snapchat that she was releasing a Kylie Jenner glosses range to compliment her existing best-selling matte lip kits. Score. With a campaign as deeply rooted in social media as this was, it was natural that the conversation would continue across Instagram, Snapchat and eva.

Countless parodies have sprung up. I mean, how could they not? The video was hilarious. The gun, the cash flying everywhere, the Rolls Royce, THAT Louis Vuitton headscarf. Girls and boys of the internet have been imitating all that and more from King Kylie’s baller promo video.

‘Tapatio By Kylie Jenner’, YouTube user Josh Levya.

Pout your Lips in your own Kylie Jenner Glosses Parody

So now we issue a challenge to you, the people of eva, to parody the Kylie Jenner Glosses video for yourselves using the real video social network. Video yourself paying homage to Glosses and add it to the comedy channel by using #evajoke in your title. Hashtag your video #KylieParody to share it with others and view theirs too! Come on, it’s fun!