what is content?

eva is a video sharing platform so naturally we are passionate about bringing you the best content that we can find on the internet. we’re constantly searching for ways that we can interact with you and bring you up to date on all our eva news. we also want to bring you funny videos, thought provoking pictures and deep meaningful quotes on all our social media platforms. we are really excited by the thought that we can bring you something that you might find interesting and enjoyable. at eva towers, we think of ourselves as internet specialists.
this means that we have travelled through the depths of the internet and have come out the other side with fantastic content that we want to share with you.

so, ‘what is content?’

content comes in any form (video, text, audio), it entertains, informs, enlightens and teaches. content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life. it can add value by making them laugh, making them smarter, making them rush to their friends to share the video, making them do their job better or making them give a contribution to a charity. because we are a video sharing platform, most of our content will be via the medium of video. video IS the most important and powerful way of communicating. they say a picture says a thousand words, video is made up of thousands of pictures, that means video must say a million words.

we really hope you enjoy all the content that we share with you and if you think you have some content that we haven’t seen before, don’t hesitate, send us an email with the content attached.

email us at hello@eva.co

we’d love to hear from you!

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