Oh the places you’ll go with drones…

There’s drone flying… and then there’s this!

Notorious drone pilot and YouTuber Skitzo FPV shows off his skills with a dazzling aerial display. Crisscrossing the windowless floors of an abandoned building and swooping around piles of rubble, this skilled pilot is sure to make your jaw drop with this incredibly impressive film.

It’s clips like this that remind us just how video can give us a new perspective on things: this tiny camera lets us experience something that we would not have been able to witness otherwise. And it makes us think… what other worlds does video open up?

Share your story with video

Give a camera to a celebrity and you can get a peek behind the curtain of fame, while fashion designers show off the hidden things that inspire their artwork, and craftsmen can give little glimpses into their secret skills. But what about the regular man or woman on the street? If you’re going on an exotic vacation, video can open up that sunny land to someone who has never left the country. At home, making a film about your favourite restaurant or chill out spot similarly opens up new places for curious locals to explore.

However, this only works if that video is shared. Shoot a bunch of clips, but then leave them cluttering up the memory on your phone? They’re just wasted. At eva, we know how powerful video can become when it is shared with others – that’s why we created the real video social network in the first place! So whether you’re a world-class drone pilot or just like hanging with your mates, why not start sharing your own story on eva?