Ed Sheeran leaves social media

As he came to the end of his world tour for his album ‘x’ (which, we found out this weekend is pronounced “multiply” – because that’s obvious!) mega music star Ed Sheeran has announced that he is leaving social media.

Complaining that he is fed up of “seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes”, Sheeran is taking a leave of absence from all social media and emails until Autumn 2016 – which, conveniently, is when his next album comes out. Because of course he’d struggle to launch his next LP without shouting about it on social media! He says he wants to go travelling and actually see all the places he missed whilst touring. In other words, Ed Sheeran leaves social media so he can have a holiday where he doesn’t have to share snaps of his life for a little while.

Ed Sheeran leaves social media

He broke the news to his 5.5 million Instagram followers and is leaving behind 16 million Twitter followers too. When he returns to social media later next year, maybe he’ll want to take up the real video social network as well?