What’s the difference between eva and Periscope?

As a video app that instantly lets its users share their videos with the world, eva is often compared to Periscope. This is a huge compliment: Periscope has changed the face of video sharing, and we love that our users see eva as being just as revolutionary! However, to say that we are similar does not mean that we are the same. When it comes to shooting and sharing incredible video there’s the Periscope way… and then there’s the eva way. So what’s the difference?

Let’s take, for example, the up-coming London Fashion Week. An eva user and a Periscope user find themselves on opposite sides of the cat-walk, and each one pulls out their phone to record the show. A Periscope user loads up the app and he begins to broadcast the season’s latest styles: the audience numbers start ticking up and there is a flurry of likes as each new outfit appears. At the end of the show, the broadcast is finished and 24 hours later it disappears into the internet aether.

What about the eva user? As the models appear, she loads up eva and starts recording videos. Her clips appear in the evafeed, where the likes come pouring in. Here’s the crucial difference: at the end of the session, this eva user closes the app and the videos stay exactly where they are. 24 hours, days, and weeks later this user can look back at her videos and they’ll still be saved on eva (not on her phone clogging up her memory!) And if there are multiple eva users in the audience? Instead of one long video like Periscope, these videos are tied together in a channel to produce a powerful narrative told from many different angles.

OK, so what if instead of random members of the public these users were actually brands? While the Periscope user is shooting content that disappears a day later, Burberry is creating eva videos for their own behind-the-scenes channel, showing off super models as they get ready for the catwalk. These videos are saved forever on eva, and will be used over the next few months to create engaging promo videos for their summer campaign. Around the corner, a Vogue reporter is using eva to quickly and easily save Vox Pops in her magazine’s private channel. She’ll cut these clips into an incredible video when she’s back home later tonight. While all this is going on, in a room down the corridor Karl Lagerfeld is on eva giving out style tips to our users…

Creating powerful videos that directly connect brands with their audiences. That’s the eva way.

-Jens Wikholm, General Manager @ eva

Periscope and eva - London Fashion Week