Celebrating the eva Android Launch with celebs in SoHo

What makes a great Android launch party?

Is it a stirring presentation from our CEO Aziz? Perhaps witnessing an exciting demo of the new workflow between eva and Captevate? Or maybe it’s just hanging out with celebrities on a rooftop bar in the centre of London? However you define it, the night was certainly a success!

eva Android launch

Celebrating the eva Android Launch

The Android launch party began with an exclusive presentation of the exciting new eva/Captevate workflow in the trendy Sanctum SoHo Hotel in London – showing off just how easy it is to create amazing videos in eva and then edit them together in Captevate’s online video editor. Aziz gave a sneak preview of the speech he would be giving the next day at the Marketing Technologist Forum (which went down a treat!) before the party moved upstairs to the rooftop bar. Celebs strutted their stuff on the red carpet, paparazzi’s cameras flashed, and a great time was had by all!

Download eva on the Google Play store or on the Apple app store and check out all the amazing videos from the event!