eva brand guidelines

We completed the eva brand guidelines recently. As early readers of the eva blog, I invite you to get to know a little more of where the brand came from, and why we never write ‘E’va but always eva. I thought I’d share the introduction of the 40 page brand book with you. We didn’t just happen upon the eva brand, it was a process of deliberate, meticulous driven focus that lead us to it. Don’t forget to follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram to stay on top of all the eva going’s on.


(Introduction to the eva brand guidelines book for suppliers and partners)

eva isn’t just three letters, it’s not a women’s name, it’s not an acronym for anything, it just is. eva exists in its own right as a perfect symbolisation of the two main pillars of what we stand for: simplicity and beauty. The journey that led us to eva allowed us to explore the boundaries of what eva is both as a brand and as a product. We kissed many frogs to find our princess eva, and each word you will read is written deliberately. Each stroke of a brush resonates with meaning. Each colour, each tone, each font, each concept is the result of a relentless process of insight and inquisitiveness.

The original hand painted versions of eva

As a custodian of the eva brand you are invited to join us on the eva journey. This invitation is not without condition. In consuming and using this brand book it is not enough for you to just acknowledge its content, nor is it enough for you to understand it, it’s not even enough for you to internalise what is written. You must believe in it. Believe in eva. Believe in what we are trying to achieve. Believe in our mission, our objective, our dogmatic desire to create the perfect brand, because only in belief can eva become all that it is capable of becoming.

What is contained in this book is not just a static list of traits and pictures, but a practical, applicable set of guidelines for you to use. We trust you to tread carefully with our eva. We worked hard to create it, we sweated and toiled and arrived at a brand we both believe in and love in equal measure.

So take eva forward, use it well, believe in its content and always remember the words of the great F1 driver Mario Andretti, “if everything seems under control, you’re not moving fast enough!”

Aziz Musa

Co-founder of eva