eva Content Creators

The future of eva has two very simple strands: content and communities.

The content, of course, comes from the user (and from us behind-the-scenes a little bit too). We’ve loved watching the fantastic videos from all around the globe, and each day we look forward to seeing all of the wonderful, new content that is streaming across our screens. In the coming months we have some marketing activities lined up that will continue to enable users to produce the best kind of content on eva, depending on their talents and interests.

Eva Launch (55 of 127) - 3MB  Eva Launch (46 of 127) - 3mb

eva is also about creating a social network where people feel involved and connected. It’s about getting all the features and technology out of the way, and just focusing on the user experience. It’s centred on how the user tells their unique story, and how these many different viewpoints can come together to create a vibrant, engaging picture of the world. This great content will spark others to join the eva family, as they will enjoy watching and sharing videos. eva really is the video social network.

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au #aplphotography  APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au #aplphotography

Already on this journey we’ve met some really fascinating individuals: from @SmileyDaveUK and @Nakul in the UK, to @MadMash and @Holley (with her #evapet Samson) in Australia, we’re constantly amazed by the talented people who are a big part of the eva family. With our recent launch in Melbourne, we’ve also attracted the likes of famous vloggers @JackoBrazier and @JakeRich55. It’s great having some seasoned video producers on eva, and they look like they are having a great time producing content on the app (you can check out some of their videos below!)

With a rapidly growing audience the might of eva is unstoppable, and we’re certainly looking forward to what the future holds!

Check out Jake Rich’s vlog on eva!

And get a taste of what Jake and Jacko are up to on eva!