eva lights up Melbourne

On Thursday 20th August, we went Down Under and hosted the latest eva launch party at Circus Bar in Melbourne, Australia. After the success we had in London back in July, we didn’t believe any party would top that, but the Aussie’s had a few surprises for us…

eva_32_jimleephoto eva_72_jimleephoto

The rooftop terrace was a glittering affair of celebs and VIPs – from a ‘Neighbours’ star to catwalk models, and famous vloggers to TV presenters. You couldn’t move without bumping into a familiar face.

Downstairs, the main bar was buzzing with up and coming rising stars and their friends. Alcohol was consumed, the music was bouncing, and the atmosphere was electric. People knew this was the start of something big, and many shared their experiences of the night on eva.

So with a hugely successful launch party for eva on the other side of the world, we just know that our next event is going to be unstoppable. Check back to find out when eva will be going global!

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