eva lives.

eva is  a video sharing platform which is a small piece of something much larger. it’s part of forbidden technologies plc which specialises in cloud based video editing technology for professionals. forbidden has never followed the crowd. its unparalleled, patented technology means it’s harder for us to think of what we can’t do rather than what we can.

so if the world was your oyster, which oyster would you choose? we decided that this insanely powerful technology deserved to be used by people on a global scale. that’s what we aim to achieve with eva: a video sharing platform which empowers the world to create beautiful video and share it. moreover we believe that eva will become a new language, used by everyone to share their lives and express their ideas. 

as a team we obsess over creating beautiful simple experiences. it’s one of our many mantras, the most important of which is, “every pixel, every second.” this reflects our intense desire to create the perfect pure product. our collaborative work space is a hub of creativity. our daily routine is as ritualistic as it is effective. our walls are filled with hypotheses, and each day we take a hypothesis, create a prototype to test it and then do primary market research to get customer feedback. we use that feedback to either evolve the idea or kill it. our process works. it’s lean. it’s agile. it’s relentless.

we’re excited by where we can take eva, but one thing’s for sure, we can’t do it alone. we need you. we need your support, your ideas, your input. if you can spare time and your thoughts, then please get involved in our testing program. you can find the sign up form on the home page.

Jens in front of the wall of hypotheses explaining his vision for a specific feature