It was a LOL-a-second as eva sets digital comedy record

Last night, eva – the real video social network – in collaboration with Funny Women, walked into the history books as it set the record for the most jokes told by women on social media in one hour, with an impressive 1005 punchlines recorded on the network within the 60-minute window.

Entries ranged from clever puns to classic one-liners, and the challenge was taken up by a global audience, with ladies from New York to Sydney uploading hoards of ROFL-worthy jokes. To take part, all entrants had to do was upload a joke and tag it with the hashtag #evajoke.

Jens Wikholm and Samantha Baines - eva world record   eva comedy world record

Samantha Baines, award-winning comedienne and master of ceremonies for the #evajoke record commented: “What a brilliant way to start 2016, with a snazzy digital record attempt that has never been done before! I expect to be breaking records at all my gigs from now on. That’s a promise, although I have had two beers. #lightweight.”

Jens Wikholm, General Manager at eva explained the reasoning behind the record attempt: “Comedy. From epic fail compilations, to keyboard playing cats and stand-up tomfoolery, laughter in one form or another has been a cornerstone of the internet video scene since the advent of YouTube. At eva, we wanted to celebrate the weird, wacky and wonderful of the humble joke and attempt a completely new kind of world record — one more fitting to the digital-age of comedy whilst still keeping alive the age old art of stand-up.”

eva comedy world record   Samantha Baines - world record comedy show

With a centralised #evajoke headquarters set up at Headrooms in Clerkenwell, over 50 budding female comedians also had the opportunity to try out their material on a live audience as well as a digital one, whilst simultaneously being recorded on the network. Below is a taster of some of the better one-liners of the evening…

1. I’ve just found out I’m dairy intolerant, it’s getting really bad. Now, whenever I see dairy I get the milkshakes

2. I bought some organic tampons the other day, but they tasted just the same as the normal ones

3. When you’re in a relationship men come along like buses, unfortunately for me it was the bailiff and the taxman

4. An Irish coffee has booze in it, a Jewish coffee gives you a lecture about all the ways you’ve disappointed it

5. We all know men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Venus, named of course after the goddess of razors

To find out more about the #evajoke initiative or to check out some of the 1005 jokes uploaded, download eva today, tune into the comedy channel and have a giggle!