wimbledon: the birthplace of eva

kaldi coffee fuels team eva’s caffeine addiction

eva lives in Wimbledon: a diverse place, which makes it the perfect location for us to develop and test our video sharing app. We are close to our local coffee shop, Kaldi, where we held the eva launch party, Starbucks, where we conduct most of our usability testing, and The Alexandra our local pub, where we……. spend Friday nights. We really want our app to be as simple, beautiful, and as easy to use as possible. eva is for everyone, and it’s therefore important that everyone can use it. From children to adults, rockers to classical musicians, from footballers to beauticians, Wimbledon has it all, and they’ve all tested features within eva. This is why being in Wimbledon is so important to us.

What’s more eva isn’t exclusively for the people of Wimbledon, London, Britain, or even Europe. We expect eva to become a worldwide medium for video self expression. Therefore Wimbledon is almost the perfect location for us to be based. It is the home of people from all round the world. This means we can test peoples understanding at a global scale without having to fly around the world (much to the disappointment of Aziz and Jens).

Wimbledon is famous. Famous for tennis, famous for the wombles, famous mumford and sons, and we hope one day soon it will be famous for one more reason. As the birthplace of eva: the video sharing app.

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If you have any queries then email us at hello@eva.co or ask us through our facebook and twitter pages.