eva’s top 5 posts


eva is a video sharing platform so naturally we like to make and share videos on our social media accounts. Even though the eva application hasn’t even been launched yet, we have 11,700 likes on our Facebook page and on our twitter page we have 1,800 followers.

During the build up to eva being released, we have been making videos and sharing them with as many people as we can. Our top 5 videos have gained over 9 million views and have been shared over 30,000 times. We try and keep on top of current affairs and internet trends so that we can target out content successfully. If you think you have a video that we haven’t seen or should make a blog post about then please get in touch and send it in. We have a twitter account set up specifically for this and we also have an email address for anyone who just wants to ask us questions.

Our twitter official twitter account is @evaapplication or you could contact us through our twitter support account; @evaHelp . Our email address is hello@eva.co . This email address is there for people to ask us questions so don’t hesitate!

Below are links to all of the videos in chronological order:

Notting Hill Carnival

The Women Under the Burka

Three Builders and a Piano

The Return of RefCam and a Nasty Tackle

The Wealdstone Raider Returns