Face Fuzz – facial hair storms the Internet!

Last week we released the results of a shocking survey conducted by Censuswide. If you haven’t seen the #facefuzz debate raging across the Internet, then I’m sorry, but where on earth have you been?!

The article has been published by The Independent, Yahoo Style, LadBible, HuffPost, Metro, Complex and The Mirror, to name but a few. In total it has been distributed in more than 100 publications, and has reached almost half a million readers around the globe.

There’s been quite a clear divide between the lovers and the haters of the research, with people arguing for both sides of the debate (and some writing the research off altogether with some rather creative choice of words!)

We also took eva to the streets of London to find out exactly what people had to say on video about the research – watch the video below to see their comments!

And, just to set the record straight, both co-founders of eva sport facial hair, so our research is not biased in any way – they’re just as shocked at the findings as everyone else!

Download eva now and get involved in the #facefuzz debate!