Announcing the first paid channel on eva!

It has finally happened! As we revealed this morning, I’m proud to announce that we now have our first paid channel on eva! And this channel is going to be a bit different from the others you’ve already seen: We Are Experience (WAE) – a design agency based in London and New York – have licensed a 3-month channel on eva, with the option to extend for a further 12 months. The channel will provide WAE’s clients with a unique way of capturing content around specific themes – such as testing a product design, or giving feedback on UX work – which can be edited and used in further campaigns. Unlike the Movember and realLondon channels, this channel will be private. That means the content won’t show up in the main evafeed; only WAE and their clients will be able to view and interact with these videos.

The launch of this channel marks a very significant moment for us: it shows off how brands can use eva to build a dialogue with real people in a simple, non-intrusive way. By pressing their finger to the phone screen, consumers can speak directly to a brand, and that brand can then talk right back to them! As an agency, WAE will also expose eva to lots of different companies – who knows where that may lead!

This channel shows off one of the many different ways that eva can be used by brands: public and private channels let companies engage directly with consumers in different but authentic ways. eva’s possibilities are endless – the only limit is your own creativity! Working with WAE is an incredible start for paid channels, but I think the future has even more exciting things in store for eva…

– Jens Wikholm, General Manager @ eva
first paid channel on eva