Get on TV how the Broad City girls did

broad city girls

How the Broad City girls shot to fame web-series style!

If you’re anything like I am you watch Broad City with feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. How can I create content that? I ask. Well, I’m not being funny, but it’s easier than you might think. You just need those qualities that you always see mentioned in instaquotes: drive, passion, talent and individuality. And a little help from an app we like to call eva.

Who are the Broad City girls anyway?

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer began as a duo at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, a cool-ass improv school in New York city founded by Amy Poehler no less! They started videoing themselves in 2009 and uploading mini-episodes of Broad City to YouTube.

Poehler picked up the series and mentored the pair before going on to exec-produce the series when it hit TV screens in 2014. Broad City has since been a huge success, pulling in 1.2m viewers per episode and huge ratings from younger audiences who saw the web-series.

How can I be like the Broad City girls?

The YouTube episodes are pretty budget, but the reason the Broad City girls were picked up is that they are talented at comedy. This just goes to show how applications can enable people to reach their potential through sharing content quickly and easily.

With video becoming such an accessible medium and phones carrying up to 12 megapixel cameras nowadays, we believe it’s time for people to step up to creating movies on their mobiles. eva lets you take videos that are stitched together in your own personal feed forever. You can take tonnes of footage and keep adding it to your feed to create a never-ending story.

The Broad City girls would love eva and the show would totally work on eva’s real video social network. Quick mini episodes, improvisational comedy, minimal editing. I’m getting chills just thinking about it!

So if you’re thinking of copying Broad City and you need a place to do it, try eva for free. Who knows, you might get picked up too.