goodbye war room

eva war room goodbye from evaapplication on Vimeo.

today is our last day in ‘the war room’. it’s strange to call it a ‘war’ room, as it has been a peaceful environment except for the occasionally heated debate. we’ve been fortunate enough to engage with 3 specific agencies who have all provided exceptional team members to the room: mtd, popcorn design, and most importantly for the product we are experience. together we’ve cycled through hundreds of ideas, created scores of prototypes, tested with potential users across the globe.

we’ve learned things that we honestly believe no other company has learned. we’ve been able to take these insights and incorporate them into a product that is beautiful, simple and hopefully addictive. as we leave our war room we’re surprised that so few competitors have incorporated the insights that we found into their products. as our illustrious leader stephen says: “the reason they haven’t incorporated these insights is because they’re too highly trained”. we believe we have in eva a potential product that could change the way people use video.

we leave the war room today with 3 new things:

1. a clear roadmap to the end of the year which sees us launching alpha’s, betas culminating in eva v1.0 in december. we even have an understanding of eva v2.0 and v3.0 which will be developed in 2015.

2. confidence that we’ve designed a product that has the potential to be used by millions (although we know that this will take time and we’ll need to keep iterating, testing and learning to achieve this huge goal)

3. a prototype which we can keep testing and learning from over and over again

we now move into the most difficult and most unpredictable phase of any new product development: coding. fortunately we have an exceptional team of developers who are psyched and ready to step up to the plate and deliver an experience that will delight and excite in equal measure.

we may be saying goodbye to the war room, but for eva, the journey continues.

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