Guest Blogger – Wheelchair Rugby!

Let’s set the scene: 12:00pm on a Monday at The Aspire Leisure Centre in London and we’re set for another big training day of Wheelchair Rugby with the upcoming tournament in Germany only weeks away.

Today was going to be slightly different from most sessions as we were getting involved in some POV filming of our guys in the chairs capturing some of the biggest and most physical contact hits known to the world of sport. We strapped two cameras to two of our key players, one defender and one attacker, therefore capturing two completely different perspectives of the game.

We started off the session in typical form with a warm up session, however we then went straight into full on games prepping ourselves for an important part of our session. As always everyone is fighting for a place in the team so there’s no friends once they head up against each other on the court, we had some big collisions with the occasional fall here and there – but it’s nothing these guys aren’t use to.

After 3 hours of intense game time we finished off with a slow warm down, making sure no knocks and fatigue are carried longer than expected. The day overall was a real success and the camera’s captured some great footage!

This is wheelchair rugby!