How to start a band on social media

how to start a band

In this day and age you’d think this was an easy task – everyone has access to social media, from the likes of Facebook to Instagram to YouTube, so why wouldn’t it be easy to start a band on social media? Getting your name and sound in front of an audience is simple when you have such a ready and waiting audience who are constantly searching for the next biggest craze on these platforms.

But in reality that is actually your barrier; because there are so many up and coming bands trying to launch themselves on social media and the audience is so large that it’s actually quite difficult to capture the attention of enough. Few bands / singers have succeeded, but some have. The Arctic Monkeys are a prime example of the latter, first coming to people’s attention via the Internet in 2002. After releasing demos and playing at many gigs, they became a sensation and were signed three years later by indie record label, Domino, in 2005. And all with little self-promotion and advertising from the band themselves.

Now whilst the Arctic Monkeys’ success heralded a turning point in the way bands could find fame after the turn of the millennium, it doesn’t actually happen this way for everybody. In fact, most people signed up to Soundcloud are, not exactly a bad example of how to start a band on social media, but very few will actually make it.

Unless of course you use a platform like eva. Because in fact we have launched a band on social media: enter Lorenza. We gave “the band” access to their very own channel, where they record video content about their daily lives around making music. This week sees them launch their very first single and next week they start gigging in and around London. Not bad for a band who didn’t even have a name six months ago…

eva is an asset for any brand, giving them the opportunity to produce video in a (private) channel and repurpose that content for marketing campaigns. It’s powerful stuff and everyone’s after a slice of the action. Intrigued and what to find out more? Get in touch today!