Introducing Grace to eva

Hi I’m Grace, and I’m the newest member in the eva team, joining as a Content Executive.

I have come to eva from one of the leading advertising agencies in the UK, with a background in video and design. Although advertising was a great chapter for me, content creation is where I see an exciting future.

I am a social media native with a passion for making content fun online. I use the likes of Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope and of course eva. All of these new social channels hold strong importance in the growth of our Industry. My first week at eva has been great, I’ve already been very involved in the brainstorming for upcoming campaigns and some very exciting new projects coming very soon!

Introducing grace to eva

I wrote my dissertation on the importance of hashtags; giving myself enough knowledge to pretend I’m an expert on their history and culture online. Social Channels, in my eyes, are the new hashtag. We have so many social outputs now, that hashtags just don’t cut it. The little hyperlinked words aren’t enough to organise our online content anymore. Snapchat is one of the first to adopt this ‘social channel’ concept, they have ‘sponsored’ channels and ‘public’ channels where users are able to send their own content directly to the categorized channels. This concept is great for sports events, news events and pretty much any kind of live event. As well as any branded sponsorship’s or campaigns.

eva just like Snapchat embraces user generated content and encourages their users to document daily life from the moments they wake up to the moment they go to sleep. So what makes eva different from Snapchat? Brands and events are able to buy and own the user generated content on their channels. Possibilities are endless for this content, people are more interested than ever in REAL content, using REAL people with their REAL reactions, making REAL content.