london fashion week

This week is London Fashion Week. Events like this are important to eva because it lets us see what people are doing, where people are going and how peoples tastes and trends are changing. We always want to be one step ahead of the game by making sure that our content is up to date and topical. We also want to be able to help broadcast events like this for people who don’t get to attend them.

This week we are dedicating our social media platforms all to fashion. We are going all out. We will be giving people advice and tips on their clothes, we will be running contests about Models, we will be filming all the things that surround the catwalk and we will be asking for your help about what is #FashionHot and what is #FashionNot.

Our Week goes something like this:

On Monday, we will be showing you our favourite and not so favourite catwalk videos. We will be asking you to let us know what you think about these looks and if they are a #FashionHot or a #FashionNot

On Tuesday, we will be running a couple of competitions all relating to the fashion world. It will be a quick and easy way to win free money and vouchers!

On Wednesday, we are having a slight break from fashion week and letting you take it all in. There will be a surprise piece of content so keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page.

On Thursday, we get straight back into the swing of things. We will be giving out our fashion tips for men and women. They might not be the kind of Fashion tips you’re expecting…

On Friday, we will have a couple of videos that will encapsulate the atmosphere surrounding Somerset house. We want to make London Fashion Week come alive for people who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to be there.

Finally, we’d like to state that this week is for men and women equally. Our office is quite male dominated and so naturally we shall be looking at this week in a mans perspective but we hope that it will be interesting and insightful for everyone.

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London Fashion Week