The 4 top trends at London Fashion Weekend 2016

The eva team were strutting their stuff with the supermodels this weekend at London Fashion Weekend! In the glorious Saatchi Gallery, the Forbidden team caught up on the spring’s latest fashions and created an amazing video with Captevate – online video editor! You can take a quick sneak peek at the footage above – or you can head over to the Fashion channel on eva and see it all for yourself! So what exactly were the top trends from London Fashion Week 2016?

Americana is hot this season

Styles inspired by our North American cousins are definitely in this season: red, white, and blue stripes as well as tons of Varsity jackets to go around! The bolder the better with these cuts, so make sure you inject a bit of good old-fashioned American freedom into your summer wardrobe.

Pop Art Brights were all the rage at London Fashion Weekend

The brighter the better with this new trend! Colour is the new black in a trend that swept through the London catwalks this London Fashion Weekend. But what about clashing? No worries! Just throw those brights together for a style that’s sure to dazzle!

London Fashion Weekend 2016

Botanicals are back!

Florals galore! A bouquet of flower-patterned tops and bottoms fluttered down the catwalk this London Fashion Weekend. Inject a bit of the English countryside into your Spring wardrobe with this hot botanical style!

New Romance: fall in love with this sexy style

Lace. Lots of lace. The more delicate and feminine the better for this elegant Spring style. This last trend was an absolute dream to watch on the catwalk, and would look great in any warm-weather wardrobe!

What style are you sporting this year? Why not create your own fashion videos on eva?!