The Magic in Forbidden

“I knew you were a Wizard!”. This is how my niece greeted me when she visited the UK with her family. She did not yet know about our new video social network, so it could have been the long straggly beard. Or it could have been the solid gold coins I showed her (“Wizard money”). But I like to think it was the magic she knew I had inside me – my software inventions.

You see, programming has a lot in common with magic. Software today gives you what my parents’ generation would have looked upon as superpowers. With social media, the powerful effects of software can stretch across the world in an instant.

For many years, we at Forbidden have shared our magic with a select group of professionals, who make your TV programmes. At any point, over 100 TV series are being made on our professional Forscene platform. With 5,000,000 hours of professionally shot video uploaded, it ranks above all but a handful of internet video platforms.

But the time is coming to make this magic available to a wider audience. This is why we created the eva product team, led by my good friend Aziz. eva has the strength and depth to command the position of the World’s video social network.

The eva design process is covered elsewhere: a totally intense period of interactive thought, constantly creating, ruthlessly testing, adapting, rejecting – and accepting only the very best ideas.

The introvert software development team may look more measured. But looks are deceptive. It is just as intense. Solving problems never before even attempted, the small team of diverse and highly intelligent developers sometimes work alone. But they are always ready for the next intense frenzy of idea creation and sharing to overcome the next hurdle.

Einstein once said that the purpose of science was to simplify as far as possible – but no further. The simple equation

E = mc2

comes out of some incredibly original thinking, making use of many complex mathematical concepts. Its beauty shows in its simple encapsulation. And today, you can just flick a light switch to benefit from nuclear energy, which the equation describes.

You will never know the sheer force of will and ingenuity which went into making eva. The complexity of this magic is hidden inside.

But the resulting simplicity, elegance and eva’s own magic – they are in your hands.

Stephen B. Streater
Forbidden Technologies plc


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