How to make your own Glitter Beards

Is your beard feeling the Christmas spirit? Show us your most festive #FaceFuzz on eva!

You may have seen the news recently – glitter beards are the fashion statement of the holiday season! If the growing number of dapper-and-sparkling gentlemen on Instagram is anything to go by, this trend is definitely heating up. But how exactly do you make this head-turning look?! With a pot of oil, a touch of innuendo, and buckets of glitter, it turns out. Check out this video to find out how you can make this look yourself! Just don’t blame us when you’re still picking glitter out of your favourite Christmas jumper three years down the line…

BUT WHY STOP AT GLITTER? If you truly want to win at Christmas, you need to think bigger! Beard ornaments are SO last year, but when you think outside the box the Christmas chin adorning possibilities are endless!

– Want to glisten but find glitter to be too much of a hassle? Crack open the Christmas tinsel and paint the town Santa Claus red!

– Can’t afford a Christmas Tree this year? Have no fear – with a bit of green paint you can transform your beard into a mighty pine! Christmas lights and a star topper are an optional (though highly recommended) extra.

– Looking for a bit of yuletide loving? Why not curl fronds of mistletoe through your beard? Your colleagues will be lining up to give you Christmas kisses when you dangle your beard over them at your next holiday party!

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The possibilities are endless – and we want to see what you can come up with! How are you decorating your beard this season? Make a video and show us your festive #FaceFuzz on eva!