This New App is perfect for recording your next Haul Video

haul video

If you’ve been on a spree, try recording your next haul video on eva!

We all love a little retail therapy and those days when you allow yourself a little binging in Lush, Topshop or Boots are the best days! Enter the haul video: a trend among beauty YouTubers and fashion bloggers alike.

“Hauls” and “unboxings” are YouTuber standards that allow bloggers to share with their audiences what they are buying and enjoying right now. The ladies and gents of YouTube splurge on goodies and then spill their bags all over their vintage bedspread to show us what we should be buying!

You may have seen them before. Examples include Zoella’s every-so-often stationery hauls and Tanya Burr’s beauty hauls – she gets a bath bomb or a BB cream and we all swoon.

haul video haul video-1

We want people to make haul videos on eva – the real video social network.

Haul videos are great but they usually last between 12 and 16 minutes. Why not break them up into sizeable chunks for your audience with the eva app?

eva is an asset for any vlogger, giving you the opportunity to produce video in a (private) channel. With eva you can record video easily and publish it to your feed straight away. Users can follow your channel, like and comment on your videos and reply on their channel. Add more videos and create a video diary for your viewers. It’s perfect for “long hauls”. Check out how @laurrlethbridgehall does it:

haul videohaul videohaul videohaul video

If you have a haul video to make, why not download eva and give that a go first? It’s free on the App Store and on Google Play! Reach out to new audiences and carve out an identity for yourself in the crowded YouTuber market.

Main image credit: A Girl Obsessed