Why Are You So Obsessed With Red Bull?

We’ve been experimenting over here at eva with one key question in mind: what makes people loyal to big brands?

red bull


Taking energy drinks as an example, we wanted to know if people drank Red Bull simply because of the brand behind the product. When compared with other energy drinks was Red Bull still on top, or were the alternatives in fact much better in taste?

eva took to the streets of London to pit the mighty Red Bull against a new more refined contender, Rich Energy. But which did the public prefer?

‘It’s like a rosé of energy drinks’

‘I prefer it to Red Bull’

‘the Rich Energy is actually my favourite’


When tasting Red Bull, people knew the brand but weren’t into the flavour. By contrast, Rich Energy had a much better flavour but was relatively unknown.

The results have us vindicated, but one question about brand loyalty remains: would you give up your favourite to try something exciting and new?