our youngest intern ever: rouge

this week, we have rouge with us at eva towers. she is a 13 year old girl who is interested in the social aspect of eva. she uses twitter and facebook regularly. we were so impressed with rouge’s first 3 days with us we invited her to stay for an extra week. she didn’t disappoint delivering some incredibly valuable insights and directly impacting the usability of eva.


here’s rouge talking about what she has been up to whilst working with us at eva towers and what she feels like she has learnt from the experience.

hey. my name is rouge, and i’m a bit younger than some of the people who came to do work experience here- 13 years old. despite this, i have really enjoyed working on eva and offering my views on the project.

as someone who uses social media a lot (and perhaps more than i should!) i am very excited about eva and am looking forward to seeing how the finished app works and how it can enhance and support my use of other social media networks, such as facebook, twitter, and (especially for me) tumblr.

during my time here, i’ve done several things. first off, i compared eva to what we thought were its competitors, and then trying to see what they did correctly and wrongly and suggesting improvements based on that. after realising that i was going to stay for a few more days than originally anticipated, i began working on comparing eva to apps that, while not its technical competitors, were still popular and therefore important to consider. i hope that my work helps eva to achieve it’s potential.

now focusing on the experience though, i think that working on eva was very interesting and let me have my say on something that could influence the future. i also liked feeling as if my actions and opinions had an influence on the development of the app, something that you can’t really experience in school.

all in all, i loved working on eva, and i hope that you will use the app, because so far it’s looking brilliant!


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