our social media obsessed intern

for the past two weeks we have had 16 year old caitlin at eva towers. she has been doing an internship with us. she is social media obsessed. she spends a huge amount of her free time on instagram and facebook which meant she was perfect for this job. we loved her enthusiasm for wanting to make the app better and she has been extremely helpful at making our social media footprint larger. here is what caitlin had to say about her time with us.


my name is caitlin and i am 16 years old. i worked at eva for 2 weeks and enjoyed every last minute of it, everyone here is so nice and the work is really interesting and enjoyable. i started my 2 weeks in the war room which was amazing as you could see that every aspect of the app had been thought about and you could see how the eva team came up with the ideas. i loved the war room and was sad to leave it. whilst i was working in the war room i helped with the ref cam which has been a huge success, I also helped with competition ideas which will get eva more well known.

during my second week of work i created a compilation of ice bucket challenges which we then posted onto the eva application facebook page and donated some money to the als association on the behalf of the people who took part in the challenge. creating the video took a long time as before i started i had to find the videos we wanted to use from facebook, in the end we used around 100 videos and cut each one down significantly to create a flowing video.

i use a lot of social media, my favourites being facebook and instagram. i think that eva will be a huge success when it’s released in december as nothing has been created like it and so much work and effort has been put into it by the eva team.

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