Social Media and Shakespeare’s Death

Shakespeare's Death and social media

It has been 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, and it would be an understatement to say that things have changed significantly since 1616. But of all the many revolutions that have happened since Shakespeare’s death, the rise of social media would surely have been the development that captured the storytelling Bard’s attention the most. From 140 characters to 6 seconds – from Periscopes to eva feeds – there are now so many ways that the average person can share their story. So that got us thinking… if Shakespeare was alive today, what social platforms would he use?

Social media since Shakespeare’s death – would the Bard be a Viner?

“Brevity is the soul of wit” – Although you’d struggle to condense even Shakespeare’s shortest play (*cough* The Comedy of Errors *cough*) into a 6 second Vine, we think he would definitely appreciate how much some people can fit into one Vine. Imagine: instead of a Shakespearean tome, you just watched a series of Vines… that would have made those English classes so much easier, wouldn’t it?

How would Shakespeare feel about Facebook?

“No legacy be so rich as honesty” – Of course Shakespeare would have a Facebook page (c’mon, who doesn’t?), but he would also definitely hate how users have used the platform to create fake versions of themselves. Sure, he’d post the occasional holiday snapshot and night out with his mates (Ben Jonson definitely knew how to party!), but he definitely wouldn’t be sharing a version of his life that wasn’t authentic.

Shakespeare would love eva

“This above all:/To thine own self be true” – Of all the social media platforms that have been created since Shakespeare’s death, eva would be the one that he would surely love the most. I know we’re a bit biased, but just think about it: eva is the real video social network that allows anybody to share their story super easily. It’s powerful, engaging, and authentic – adjectives that describe our app just as much as they describe Shakespeare’s plays…

So what do you think? Which social network do you think Shakespeare would love? Shout out in the comments or on our social pages!