#springbreakingbadly – Spring Break social media fail

Spring Break

Don’t you just hate it when you ‘goof’ on your Spring Break and end up in jail? Or perhaps when you accidentally wind up with a suitcase of drugs instead of your carefully packed bag of cheap souvenirs? For those of you out of the loop, the US State Department is posting some absolutely ridiculous tweets – looks like they might have been hitting the Spring Break booze a bit too early… here are our favourites!

On Spring Break Self-Confidence and Beauty

Spring break

Been hitting the gym before you hit the beach? Working on that Spring Break pre-tan so that the glare from your pale stomach doesn’t light up the beach like a disco ball in an electric storm? Fear not! The US State Department is here to crush all of your sweet confidence gains. Remember kids: if someone starts hitting on you, and you lack Channing Tatum’s well-defined abs, shut them down – it’s probably a scam!

On Souvenirs

Springbreakingbadly spring break

You thought you were bringing back a hilarious Spring Break fridge magnet for your great uncle Rupert, but instead you ended up with a kilo of blow. Woops. And does this even happen? Seriously – how many people are actually being offered free luggage with their complimentary Caribbean cruise?

On “Goofs”

Spring Break goof

Mugged at gunpoint in a Brazilian back alley? Haha what a goof! Did your grandmother end up in a Bangkok prison after mistakenly smuggling in illicit substances on her last trip abroad? Such a goof! Why not relive some awful memories of your last Spring Break goof with a funny little tweet? What could be better?

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