Top 5 Cat videos

We all know cats are one of the most loved animals in the whole world and why ever not. They are fluffy, they are cute and they are so so funny to film. Watch our top 5 videos of our favourite cats.

5. No No No Cat

The owner of this cat has been trying for months to teach this cat how to talk. Unfortunately the only word the cat can say is ‘no’ and he seems to want to say it over and over again.

4. “YASS” Cat

This is the ultimate fan girl cat! It is the most popular cat video online gaining millions of views all because the cat says “YAS”. For those of you who are not internet savy and don’t know what the term “YAS” means then we suggest you Google it – clue: emphasis on “yes”. It’s often associated with Lady Gaga fans who shout it at her when she is “slaying” (maybe another term you might want to look up).


3.Cat tries to sabotage ‘Let It Go’ performance

‘Let It G0′ is one of the biggest selling movie songs of all time but it seems we’ve found someone who isn’t the biggest Frozen “stan” (internet term, look it up!) . A woman is giving her best ‘Let It Go’ performance but unfortunately her cat tries his very best to stop the performance.


2. Tigger the cat does not like baths!

It’s a well known fact that cats hate water and baths but it seems Tigger the cat hates it so much that he starts having a tantrum and shouts “NO NO NO”!

1.Cat interrupts yoga session

This woman has an impressive figure and wants to show it off in her home-made yoga video however it seems her cat is a little jealous and wants to hog the limelight and sabotage the video.