Top Ten Tennis Fails for the Davis Cup

In case you’ve been living underneath a rock: Andy Murray absolutely dominated Belgium’s David Goffin this weekend, securing the 2015 Davis Cup for Great Britain. So how best should we celebrate this beautiful example of sporting finesse? By looking back at lots of cringe-worthy tennis fails obviously! So hold onto your racquets evaFamily, in honour of the Davis Cup we’ve collected our favourite top ten tennis fails – check them out!

We’ve selected ten absolutely whopping fails to make it into this video. There are whiffs, slips, and tantrums galore (here in the eva office, we’re particularly impressed by the tennis racquet smack down delivered in the ninth video…) We also can’t decide if the final video actually counts as a fail, or if it was just an awful spot of bad luck (for the player, and for the bird!) It must be absolutely gutting to embarrass yourself like this in front of hundreds or even thousands of fans – but at least we get to enjoy the hilarious outcome!

Top Ten Tennis Fails for the Davis Cup

With so many fantastic possibilities to choose from, there are certainly going to be loads of tennis fails that we missed. So come on evaFamily, which tennis fails are your favourite? Let us know on social or drop them in the comments below! And the next time you head on the courts, make sure someone’s recording on eva… you never know, you might end up starring in our next video!