Update your storytelling marketing with video UGC

When I think about brands, I think about stories.

What is a brand but a long story made up of a series of shorter tales? Blogs, articles, social media – each post and paragraph is a small chapter in a company’s story. And these all support the much larger narrative of the brand itself: the engaging tale you tell your customers about who you are and what you stand for. But how can you take this storytelling marketing to the next level?

update storytelling marketing with video

Telling the right stories

You are probably already using a degree of storytelling marketing in your brand campaigns. There are the obvious stories told by brands everyday: the press releases pushed out each week, the charity work, the big wins. But there are the less obvious ones as well – the stories that are harder to capture on paper. Does a simple blog post capture the easy-going, friendly attitude of your sales team? Can you really show off all the wonderful people in your supply chain in just a few Tweets? No – not at all.

It’s important to get your brand’s storytelling marketing right: stories can be 22 times more powerful than facts alone, and can be great tools in any marketer’s toolbox. But to make the most effective story, it’s important to make sure you’re speaking the right language. 2016 is going to be the year of video marketing and brands need to start incorporating this media into their storytelling process.

Expand your storytelling marketing with video UGC

Video – particularly UGC video – can open up the stories that have been traditionally locked away from marketers. For instance, create a private channel on eva where your sales team creates videos on a daily basis showing off their fun side. Or, better yet, ask your customers to login to the video social network and share their unique experiences with your product. Choose the best videos from these channels and edit them together into a great video that you can share anywhere.

eva allows brands to expand their storytelling marketing capabilities and tell a tale that their fans might not usually see – a way to take a brand’s existing story and grow it in new and powerful directions. If you think your brand would benefit from this approach, I’d love to have a chat…

– Jens Wikholm, General Manager @ eva