Top 3 video UGC campaigns

video ugc

User generated content (UGC) is revolutionising the way that customers engage with their favourite brands. After a friend or family member, we are most likely to trust a complete stranger’s opinions of a brand – so UGC offers brands an effective way to build trust in new audiences. Video UGC in particular is a powerful tool for generating great content that can be used in marketing and social campaigns across a business. So who’s doing this right?

Marriott + Go Pro #TravelBrilliantly

Marriott teamed up with Go Pro to enable their guests to share their “brilliant” travel experiences. Guests at resorts across South America and the Caribbean could check out a camera before they went off exploring, allowing them to record the day’s adventure. Marriott then transformed this video UGC into really authentic promos for each resort – a fantastic way to show off the area without resorting to overly-corporate video!

Target “Acceptance”

Target asked high school seniors in the US to record the moment they opened their college acceptance letter, and then transformed those videos into an amazingly emotional ad. The campaign was part of a $500 million donation to schools, and really drove home the Target’s community-focused branding.

Chobani Real Love Stories make great video UGC


Chobani yogurt asked its fans to share “real stories from real Chobani lovers” via text, pictures, and video. The campaign generated an impressive amount of video UGC content, was spun off into a great advertising campaign, and helped increase the yogurt brand’s sales by 225%. Not too shabby, eh?

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