what is an alpha?

the eva alpha application will be released in august. but what is an alpha? the process we’ve been going through has seen us testing hundreds of different ideas. some were really simple, such as “what if users could select a filter for their video is a playful way?” to test this kind of hypothesis we being by defining ‘playful’, then create a few designs, then create a prototype. the prototype is then taken to users who give their feedback. after we receive feedback, we either kill the idea, or we evolve it into a better prototype.

using this methodology we have killed more than 150 ideas, and kept less than 10. however, even the 10 ideas we’ve kept are still hypotheses. so our objective is to test them further, and to do this we need to create small versions of the app that include the functions we are trying to test, then allow people to test them. these are called ‘alpha’ versions of the app. they don’t look like the final product. they are very simple. they are not pretty. they often break. their purpose is purely to test hypotheses in greater detail than we can with prototypes.

Pablo alpha testing

the first version of our alpha is testing a couple of very important elements of user behaviour which we were unable to test with prototypes. to tell you exactly what we are testing would bias the results of the test. however, suffice to say that they are important enough for us to have built an alpha version of eva to test them.

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