why do videos go viral?


What makes a blog post popular? Why do videos go viral? Who decides what is going to make this specific post famous? These are the types of questions I previously asked myself when I was thinking about things to post on our social media pages. As a content executive, it’s my job to think about how we can best make sure that our videos have a wide reception. I’ve also got to think about who will watch these videos and what I want to achieve by posting them.

I turned 18 yesterday and I’m the youngest in the office by 8 years, but that doesn’t intimidate me. Infact, I see it as a challenge that I must overcome. One of the reasons that I was hired was because I was young and was a regular social media user like most people my age. This means I have an insight into the world of social media that other people in the office just don’t have purely because they are just a few years older than me.

My job is to try and put my head into the mindset of everyone who uses social media and figure out what they want to see. This can be a difficult job because people are different and it is impossible to predict what they will like. Last Friday I had an idea to put out a video of clips from the Notting Hill Carnival. I wanted to bring the atmosphere of the Carnival to people who couldn’t be there. On the Friday lunchtime I put together a few clips and cut and edited them. Then in the evening we sent it out. Just a few hours later, the video had been seen by over one million people… People loved the video!

dirty dancing from evaapplication on Vimeo.

The video has now been seen by almost 2.5 million people and it has only been up for a weekend. The point of this story is that it’s hard to predict what people are going to love and what people are going to hate. We try as a team to bring you the very best that we can and we would love it if you could help by giving us your feedback. If you have a video that you think we haven’t seen and would be funny for our followers then please send it to us!

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Wil Madden
Content Executive at eva

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