work experience without the filing or tea making

every week we have at least 1 work experience person in the team normally aged between 14-18. unlike most work experience we don’t ask our guys to make tea or file paper. we have them critique our product, brand, designs, and user experience. it’s impossible for us to be 15 again, however hard we try. the paradigms of a 15 year old are so different to our own that the most effective way of having their way of viewing the world impact our product is to have them working with us directly. our latest inductee into the eva work experience crew is charlotte (charlie). it has been awesome having her around telling us all the obvious things that we’d miss being in our mid 30’s. here’s charlie’s view of eva in her own words:


hi, i’m charlotte, and I’m 15. i’m doing a week’s work experience with the eva team, which is really exciting! mostly i’ve been working on social media and content, but also giving my opinion on how the product should work. i love instagram and use it regularly, as well as facebook.

i think eva will explore people’s creativity and ideas, and mean that more videos are created containing a wider range of topics, which can become universal, allowing people to see different cultures, lifestyles and opinions. I think eva will make it quicker and easier to capture and share videos and moments of people’s lives. it is going to be simple without needing any prior knowledge of creating video (which is great for me!) because of this i think it will have a wide audience of varied age ranges and be more attractive to people. eva will also enable people to view other videos that interest them, because of the constant access to a feed of content, search and hashtags, and so will be entertaining to browse. i think this feed will make it quicker and less of an effort to find content to view, compared to when i search on instagram for example. i’d use eva in the same way i use instagram but what the team are developing seems to be really intuitive. i’m really looking forward to seeing the final product, and i’m signed up as an alpha and beta tester which is going to be great fun.

good luck guys! charlotte

Jens and Charlotte