The five worst marriage proposals you’ll hear this year

The general consensus is that getting engaged to your loved one should be a well-thought out and romantic event—usually linking a gorgeous sunset, top shelf champagne and an excessive quantity of candles.

However, eva, the video social network for real people, found that not all in the UK bride-to-be camp had the luxury of such an occasion. This was after it launched a nationwide search to find some nightmarish proposal scenarios—and offer one lucky entrant the opportunity for a proposal ‘do-over’ at a secret London location.

Jens Wikholm, co-founder of eva, comments: “Much of social media today has become all consumed with showing ‘your best side’, filtering out real life and instead showing off to your acquaintances and followers. A lot of this fakeness, for gaining ‘likes’ or ‘favourites’,  simply adds to the merry-go-round of self-gratification.

“The reason why we started this initiative is to expose that social media shouldn’t exclusively be viewed through rose-tinted spectacles, and that sometimes real life has disastrous consequences!”

Below, are five of the best (or worst) stories—and range from hair being set on fire, to accidently proposing to a future mother-in-law…

The blue finger

“My partner proposed on my 20th birthday, in front of all my family and friends. A complete shock, I couldn’t hold back the tears. As I tried to put the ring on after accepting, it became lodged on my finger. Little did I know that the ring was a display model that my boyfriend intended to return and get sized up properly the next day.

“My mother and I went to the toilets to try and get the ring off, and in all the excitement and panic—I managed to pass out on the sink, and by this point my finger was turning a vibrant shade of blue. After coming round and trying to use everything from vaseline to frozen peas to try and remove the ring before my finger fell off, we ended up going to A&E.

“Once there, and after the hospital receptionist, my close family, and my new fiancé had finished laughing at me—the doctor asked me into a room and cut the ring off! The bruise lasted two weeks!”

Welsh camping trip

“Out of the blue, my boyfriend told me we were going camping for the night, and that I should take only what I could carry! Off we drove to Wales and through some unfortunate navigation got lost and had to reverse several times along tiny country roads. Finally, after asking a local for directions we made it and started our ascent up Aran mountain!

“An hour later we got lost again, this time on foot, and this is where things started to go horribly wrong. With darkness falling, and keen to get to our pitch site—my boyfriend decided we should go off the path! What followed was a lengthy wade through a marsh, extensive clambering over Roman walls and even an impromptu dip in a river—needless to say, we didn’t ever find an appropriate pitch site so had to return to the car!

“After a welcome stay in a B&B, the next day we tried our hand at scaling the mountain again—but still couldn’t reach the top. We did make it quite high up, and after an emotional moment I had tears of joy in my eyes as I thought he was going to propose, but he didn’t! Once again, we made our way back down to the car and when it was in eyeshot and he’d relaxed that we hadn’t got ourselves lost again, he took my hands and proposed. Despite the disastrous weekend, I said yes!

Hair horror story

“My proposal happened on my birthday, and I had cottoned on quite early that it was about to happen. My boyfriend had evidently told our flatmates at the time, and they were acting quite strangely—obviously eager to see what my answer would be that evening!

“So once at the restaurant, lo and behold, there the ring was in my glass of wine—the lack of surprise made me feel really disappointed, and I wasted no time in letting him know how clichéd the whole thing was! Apparently it was his mother’s idea, which again didn’t make me feel very special.

“Regardless, I still accepted and as I took the ring and bent forward to kiss him—my hair fell into the candle in the middle of the table, needless to say it went up akin to striking a match and I managed to lose half of it before my new fiancé threw a jug of water over me! After that, even the chef came out of the kitchen to poke fun at us. Overall, not a great birthday or engagement!”   

Marrying the mother-in-law

“I first met my (now) husband shortly after I moved to Dublin, after a while our relationship blossomed and one weekend I took him to meet my parents who also lived in Ireland. Unbeknownst to me, he had bought an engagement ring and was planning to propose that weekend! Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work what with visiting new relatives—the ‘right time’ just never presented itself.

“On Saturday evening, I remember feeling very tired and going to bed early, to my old bedroom. My boyfriend meanwhile was sleeping in the guest bedroom. My parents retired for the night, and all was quiet. Then, at some point in the middle of the night he heard my dad go downstairs and there and then, decided to come to my room and propose. Unfortunately he made a wrong turn and ended up in my parents bedroom, and yes! He got down on one knee and holding my mum’s hand, in the dark, he proposed.

“Needless to say, my Dad was flabbergast. I was a little embarrassed but managed to laugh it off, and my boyfriend… well he wanted the ground to swallow him up! In the end, we never decided to do the whole engagement thing – we instead sold the ring and spent the money for a deposit on a house. We’ve now been married for 41 years!”

Bon voyage!

“Firstly, my partner is a fantastic man and I do love him, however things went completely wrong for our engagement! I expect he probably thought proposing prior to me boarding a plane would echo a love scene from a romantic movie—however, when you’re just about to get on an EasyJet flight at Birmingham Airport, it didn’t really come across like that!

“Firstly, as it was almost All Saints’ Day, he’d managed to bring me a bunch of flowers that were obviously prepared for the cemetery—not a great start. When he proposed to me just five meters away from the check-in desk, near a dirty coffee table and a rubbish bin, things took a turn for the worse!

“I was so embarrassed and as I was late for my flight, I didn’t even have time to say yes or no! Finally, when I did accept on my return—my engagement ring started to break apart. All in all, not a fantastic proposal and certainly one I don’t take pleasure in remembering. The wedding in August 2016 will hopefully be far, far better!”

Just before Christmas 2015, one of these lucky entrants will have an opportunity to recreate their dream proposal scene. Follow the action on eva by downloading today and keeping up with the hashtag #evaProposals.