What can eva do for your brand?

Give you a channel where users create lots of exciting content that you can repurpose in your marketing activities. With our channels, brands can engage in a 2-way dialogue with an audience, and can be based around a #tag or a group of @users. Unlike traditional social media platforms where brands can run one-off campaigns, eva offers a very powerful alternative, as we can re-use and package up the content for your brand to use again.

Movember case study

For the month of November we gave men’s health awareness brand Movember an eva channel, where people could document their MOs and show off their MOVEs. We also ran a competition where the best recorded MO journey would win $1000 donation to their Mo Space!

eva content: 1.5 hours
Social media interactions – over 3,000
Twitter & Facebook reach – 2.2 million
PR campaign reach: 750 million

Amie Nguyen Movember MOVE case study and winner of eva’s $1000 donation to her Mo Space:

“Thank you SO much! It’s been really fun sharing my Move of the Day with eva. It motivated me to keep it up and keep changing it up. eva is a really fun app, I’m glad I participated this year. Thank you so much, eva Team, for setting that up and allowing Movember to have a channel to spread the MO word. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Jesse Hayman, Director of Community Engagement for Movember Canada:

“We are delighted with our Movember channel on eva, an engaging and fun video social network. Having a new platform to help spread awareness of men’s health has been extremely valuable for us, giving our community a place to share the story of their Mo’s and show off their MOVEs, as we work towards men living happier, healthier and longer lives.”

Jens Wikholm, Co-Founder of eva

“Channels offer brands a unique and innovative way to reach eva users through quality content. Brands become part of the content rather than an interruption and can engage with and influence conversations in new, fun ways that deliver real results.”

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Download the real video social network and share your Mo or MOVE journey

Download the real video social network and share your Mo or MOVE journey

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*We’re talking $1000 CAD, which will be converted to your local currency if you’re based elsewhere in the world.