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The winning couple’s story

Amy & Chris

The blue finger

“My partner proposed on my 20th birthday, in front of all my family and friends. A complete shock, I couldn’t hold back the tears. As I tried to put the ring on after accepting it became lodged on my finger. Little did I know that the ring was a display model that my boyfriend intended to return and get sized up properly the next day.

“My mother and I went to the toilets to try and get the ring off, and in all the excitement and panic I managed to pass out on the sink, and by this point my finger was turning a vibrant shade of blue. After coming round and trying to use everything from vaseline to frozen peas to try and remove the ring before my finger fell off, we ended up going to A&E.

“Once there, and after the hospital receptionist, my close family, and my new fiancé had finished laughing at me the doctor asked me into a room and cut the ring off! The bruise lasted two weeks!”

Amy & Chris’s day in London for their proposal do-over-sponsored by Red Letter Days

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