What can eva do for your brand?

Give you a channel where users create lots of exciting content that you can repurpose in your marketing activities. With our channels, brands can engage in a 2-way dialogue with an audience, and can be based around a #tag or a group of @users. Unlike traditional social media platforms where brands can run one-off campaigns, eva offers a very powerful alternative, as we can re-use and package up the content for your brand to use again.

Perfect Proposal case study

After searching the UK for the worst engagement stories, eva teamed up with Red Letter Days to let one lucky couple – Amy and Chris – redo their proposal all over again! In one weekend, Red Letter Days sponsored five luxurious activities around London, with each moment – from power-boating on the Thames to champagne up the Shard – captured on eva.

eva video views: 3,000
Press reach: Over 237 million
Social reach: Over 938,000

Amy O’Connor, PerfectProposal winner:

“We’ve had the most amazing weekend! We’d love to thank eva, Red Letter Days, and everybody who watched our videos – we did so many fun things, it was absolutely brilliant!”

Andy Ling, Head of Brand & Partnerships of Red Letter Days:

“We loved being a part of the PerfectProposal weekend on eva – it was a joy helping this young couple to redo their awful proposal. At the same time, our Red Letter Days channel on eva has also allowed us to show off some of the many unforgettable experiences we offer in London in an innovative and fun way!”

Jens Wikholm, Co-Founder of eva

“eva allows brands to engage with their customers through powerful video – and our work with Red Letter Days is a great example of this. The PerfectProposal channel was a fantastic platform to display the exciting experiences offered by Red Letter Days, while also creating some authentic video content that can be used again and again in future marketing campaigns!

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